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LNG Storage
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LNG Storage

Entis LNG Pro

The dedicated LNG supervisory and control solution.


Entis LNG Pro is the latest Windows™ based application for storage management of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in bulk storage tanks under cryogenic conditions.

Entis LNG Pro is based upon the proven Enraf Entis concept, seamlessly integrating all tank instrumentation, and combining interfacing and supervisory control into one platform. This concept provides operators with all key LNG information at a glance.

A comprehensive set of dedicated operations screens for monitoring stored LNG product behavior, makes this software application the only package you need for all your LNG storage monitoring and control needs.

Special operator screens display all necessary profile data for the operator to determine LNG product behavior, controlling stratification build up and other unwanted situations.

Advanced inventory management, trending and reporting capabilities complete the functionality of Entis LNG Pro. Both observed and calculated data are stored in the program database for evaluation purposes.

A wide range of field instruments can be interfaced via the Enraf data concentrator unit. All functions provided with Enraf servo and radar gauges and other industry standard devices are accessible via this unit. Software drivers for dedicated LNG monitoring equipment (for example LTD systems) are optionally available. Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for connection of tank shell temperature sensors can be interfaced using industry standard protocols.

Open connectivity and advanced networking capabilities offer seamless integration of Entis LNG Pro with larger plant process automation systems, eliminating the need for customized driver developments. Full control over all instrumentation for control purposes is possible from both systems at all times.

Entis LNG Pro: LNG storage management has never been so easy.

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